Merchandising your Beef Purge.

After reading the about ‘drain boards” for purge issues I remember something interesting.

We went deep sea fishing earlier this year and when we anchored the captain poured a “liquid chum” into the water. He said it will attract the fish. Yea I thought, probably sharks! I ask him what was in the chum and he told me that his brother in law was a meat cutter and he brings it home to him for free. He said he stores it in a refrigerator until he uses it. The stinkier the better and it works. Yep, it was boxed beef purge.

So now a light-bulb goes on in my head. Can box beef purge be sold at retail for fishing? Why not! It is an edible item right?

Many fishermen buy all kinds of meat for fishing; chicken livers, backs and necks for crabbing and gizzards. So why not beef purge?

Maybe you can put it into the pint cups and sell it frozen? Who would be willing to try this?? Its better than going down the drain, right?

One more thing, while I am thinking about it. One of the most expensive fertilizers for your garden is dried blood. Just 12 ounces is about $8.00. Dried blood was the big money maker in rendering, although you need lots of energy to produce it. So one day my wife says “bring me home some of that purge and I will put it on my plants”. Wow! It worked. The only thing was I put the purge in her house plants. In about 3 days she called me and said you need to come home. I said why. She said there is a dreadful smell in our house. The first thing I thought was maybe a sewer leak, but it wasn’t. It was the purge in all her indoor plants. I thought she was going to kill me. So I had to re-pot all 10 plants. But boy were they green!

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