• Understanding Boneless Chuck Cuts

    Tenderness (aka palatability), has always been associate with quality. Tenderness is an attribute that has many variations when it comes to muscles in the beef carcass. Actually a cut of meat can also vary in tenderness within its own muscle structure. In supermarket meat merchandizing the beef chuck cuts are offered as low priced steaks and roast. There are 3 main primary” boneless muscles” within the beef chuck . 1) Beef Chuck Tender; (not to be confused with the  beef tenderloin which comes from the loin of beef). The Chuck Tender muscle weighs between 3 & 5 pounds depending on the size of the beef […]

  • Comparing the Service Stations of Yesteryear with Meat Depatments

    What ever happened to Full Service Gas Stations? The gas stations of yesteryear put todays filling stations to shame, actually they are not even filling stations, they are mini-food-marts that sell gas. Growing up during my teen years my dad owned and operated a Texico Service Station where I pumped gas (at .18 cents a gallon), checked oil, added water to radiators, wiped windows and checked air pressure at no extra charge to the customer. There was interaction between the customer and the business. I guess the demise of the full service gas stations started in the 1970’s during […]

  • We Had Spam Way Before The Internet Was Created

    One definition of “spam”—irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients. However there is another! Spam was introduced by Hormel in 1937. As Hormel tells it, he launched a naming contest for the new product during a New Year’s Eve party, when a executive  spit out “Spam” as if “it were nothing at all,” Hormel told Gill. “I knew then and there that the name was perfect.” 100 million pounds of Spam were shipped to Allied troops during World War II. Russian president Nikita Kruschev is quoted as saying, “Without Spam, we wouldn’t […]

  • Does your store need more skilled meat cutters?

    All though I am now sitting on the sidelines but surely I feel the pain of my fellow working meat cutters. Let me take you back to Christmas 1965. Guess what? It was the same way back then nothing has change except for the sales volumes. Pressure, pressure and more pressure. I use to pal around with two friends back then one worked for the post office the other for Tobyhanna Army Depot. We used to fish a lot and while fishing we would talk about many things and our jobs. I use to get so mad I wanted […]

  • New Year’s Resolutions for a Meat Cutter

    New Year’s Resolutions for a Meat Cutter 1) Sharpen my knives. 2) Keep them sharp. 3) Be really nice to all the customers 4) Keep my block clean and organized 5) Buy new boots. Good ones. Not the cheap ones that kill my feet. 6) Okay, be really nice to most of the customers. 7) Stretch before every shift. 8) Drink more water. 9) Drink less of that other stuff. 10) Keep up with my logs and paperwork. 11) Okay, be really nice to at least one customer a day 12) Do not punch a supervisor