is dedicated to all meat professionals and food enthusiasts who want to share their experiences and knowledge in order to learn from each other.   We offer a wide range of knowledge to meat consumers regarding different cost saving techniques including; purchasing, cutting meat from home, preparing and cooking meat.  Our membership includes meat professionals from all areas of the industry who regulary share their expertise as well as non-professionals who appreciate a meaty meal.  In short, everyone is welcome at The Meat Cutter’s Club and we look forward to sharing with you and learning from you.  


To bring meat professionals together to discuss and share ideas on selling and merchandising meat products. 

To bring meat professionals and meat consumers together in order to spread the knowledge of safe handling, cutting, preparing and cooking of meat.

To restore a sense of trust between meat professionals and meat consumers.  

To promote the art and tradition of butchering, including sausage making, the craft of salting, smoking, and curing.

To restore a sense of pride in being a meat cutter.

To restore meat cutting and butchering to being an in demand skilled trade with a competitive rate of pay.


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