• *Ask a Butcher* How to Prevent Frost Bite

    Question: “I am a meat cutter, how do I prevent frost bites on my fingers? The doctor says there is already some nerve damage in my fingers as a result”” Answer: Thank you for asking. Yes frostbite is something you want to take steps to prevent. The best advice I can think of is to wear cotton gloves that are available from most supplier when handling cold or frozen products, such as lunch meat or frozen food. That will help a lot, but then there is the problem with how to protect from frost bite when you are cutting

  • Facts about Striped Bass

    By Coalcracker This sea bass is found mainly in river estuaries from the Gulf Coast of the U.S. up the Western Atlantic coast into Canada and there are some landlocked populations. It has been introduced to other countries and is now farmed commercially. These fish can grow to 78 inches and 125 pounds but the photo specimen was 15-1/2 inches and weighed 1-3/4 pounds, a typical market size. This fish renews its population fairly quickly, is not listed as threatened and is now being farmed. Striped Bass is an excellent eating fish, The flesh is light in color, light

  • *Ask a Butcher* Cooking Need Help

    Question: Hello, I am cooking for 100 people and I wanted to know how many pounds of meat (ground beef or turkey) should I consider? Please let me know soon thank you…Lee Answer: Hello Lee,   I am sorry for the delay.  I will try to answer your question the best I can.   Typically we tell people that you want 1/2 a pound of meat per person.  So if you are cooking for 100 people,  you will want at least 50 pounds of meat.  However, it is important to remember that meat loses some of its weight during

  • Is Club Steak a Rib Eye? *Ask a Butcher*

    Question: Hi, I bought two steaks the other day at our local grocery store. The packaging says: BEEF RIB CERTIFIED ANGUS CLUB STEAK BONELESS I asked what kind of cut it was, seeing that the price was higher or as a high a filet mignon steak. The gentleman said it’s a prime rib steak. I asked why it says CLUB STEAK, and he said that’s another name for a prime rib steak. Is this correct? I’m getting more and more confused searching the internet looking for an answer. I found this information: Rib Ribeye (Bone out) or Rib Steak

  • The Butcher and The Dog

    By Coalcracker One day in a busy Butcher Shop a dog walks in. The Butcher not having time to deal with the health hazard himself shouts at the dog to ‘BUGGER OFF’. The dog lowers his head and leaves the shop. Later in the day the dog re-enters the shop and drops a piece of paper on the floor. The butcher sees this and picks up the note and reads it. ‘Can I please have 1lb of bacon and 12 sausages’; the dog promptly drops a £10 pound note on the floor. The butcher quite amazed at this performance prepares