How To Make A Great First Impression On Your Meat Department Customers

Definition of Customer Service: The assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services. Obviously this will vary depending on the type business we are in. The value of good customer service is priceless. Its a gift that keeps on giving but like anything else there […]

Beef Loin Angle 101 Food For Thought (revised

We all know that we are living and cutting in an age of boneless sub-primal cuts. As a matter of fact many meat cutters today (no criticism here) would not know how to properly cut a full beef loin on a band saw. Why should they? Everything is just about boneless except for the Short […]

Is There Work Load Discrimination In Meat Departments?

Personally I believe there is! Over the years our members have complained bitterly about increased “work loads” applied on them due to department labor reductions. Many blame increases in “dollars per man hour or pounds per man hour. The complaints are universal and extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from North America to South […]